My name is Mariam Strieth and I am the Senior Executive here at Marsala, a textiles agency based in Thessaloniki, the hub of the textile industry in Greece. Marsala Textiles has over 22 years of experience connecting our dedicated clients in Europe with our manufacturers around the Balkans. Our services cover the entire process of production, ensuring that the quality of our clients’ clothing lines is impeccable.

Our history begun when my father, Peter Strieth, founded Marsala in 1996, after working as a textile agent for Gedefli. When Gedelfi closed its doors, my father took it upon himself to begin an independent business, and with the advisement of his former employees, Marsala was born. My father understood that a textile agency must not only hold high standards of quality at competitive prices but serve its clients with the outmost respect and consistency. For that reason, Marsala was built to be a family business that at its core values integrity and trustworthiness. This is also illustrated in our name, since Marsala is an acronym for Mariam, Sara, and Laura, the names of my sisters and me.

When my father started Marsala Textiles in 1996, he founded more than a textiles agency, he founded a family institution whose foundations lie on his vision to build a company that appreciates the importance of transparency in all transactions. In the 20 years he served as the director, he managed to build long term relationships with our clients, some of whom we have served for over 15 years. During the Greek economic recession in Greece, Marsala remained profitable and continued to grow.

In 2016, with over 30 years of experience, my father retired, leaving the firm to my sister, Laura, and me. Since then, we strive to continue our father’s vision by expanding and updating our business while being true to our traditions that have set us apart from our competitors. We are continuously adding new fashion lines, working on expanding our children’s and youth fashion departments, and strengthening our expertise in our women’s department, which has always been our strongest.

Mariam Strieth
Senior Executive, Marsala