We specialise in helping our clients succeed in their business, offering manufacture help in Greece and in the broader Balcan area. 
New to the industry and not sure where to start? 
Already got a brand and need some help growing it? 
You’re excited about your designs and want to get them made, but don’t know where to start? We help our clients understand the manufacture process and get their designs made into reality. 
We help you find your production partner. With our experience of over 2 decades we offer services to help clients find the right suppliers. Just because one factory was great for someone else, it doesn’t mean they’ll be great for you. 
Our manufacturing sources all ethically approved, have been selected to meet your standards.
We proudly maintain long-standing and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers, most of which count over 10 years! 
Our focus is to ensure safety and reliability optimising the production processes. 


We connect you to the best.